The SurvivalCraft-MC Network has closed, for good.

In August 2016, The SurvivalCraft-MC Network closed for the last time. Between breaches of personal staff security, staff corruption, a lack of management/development, and willing to work on other projects, the network was shut down in August, after an event that jeopardized a staff member and their personal security. I felt that it was time to shut down the server at that point. I was getting tired of running the server, and was just ready to move on.


However, to any legacy viewers, I have made the decision to post the timeline, as previously seen on the website, with a few minor updates. If you would like to see the timeline, you may visit http://survivalcraftmc.net/timeline

You can look back on the past 3 years, in pretty amazing detail. If you want to have a look at still-public sites, you may visit http://survivalcraftmc.net/site-list


Thank you for 3 amazing years that I will never forget. The SurvivalCraft-MC Network will go down as the biggest project I had ever accomplished, and a project that I learned so much from, and met people from across the globe. Not only did I learn effective server management, I got a kick start in Linux server management skills, along with dozens of skills that I got from doing this.

Sadly, I was getting tired of running Minecraft servers, as a huge burden was placed on keeping the server alive, nonetheless developing it. Staff corruption was rampant in the months leading up to the end, and things were getting worse off. I wanted to work on newer projects, and move on to new things. SCMC was the last thing I had around from the 2013-15 era of projects, and it was falling apart fast.

Just months after the incident, I now mainly focus on Python development, along with systems administration. I still do web administration/design, but not as often. You can stalk my GitHub page (github.com/o355), if you want to see what I might be cooking up.


Again, thank you for 3 amazing years. It was a pleasure, and I really never got the chance to say a proper goodbye. So, this is it. Thank you, to the haters, the supporters, the staff, everyone to contributed to this project. You were the beating heart behind it, and I have to give you a massive thanks. To all the dedicated players, who have been here since the first few months, a huge thank you. You got to see me grow over the course of 2 years, and I am thankful you were there. To Coco, the one who kickstarted the Minecraft server in the right direction, in times where I knew nothing. To Blaze, who I still talk with today, and even though all the other staff hated you, I still liked you (secretly) all throughout. To everyone who I got the chance to meet…

Thank you.


It has been a pleasure. It is time to permanently sunset the server. I will probably never bring it back, I have bigger opportunities to work towards. I may release the server publicly in the future, I may not. The SurvivalCraft-MC Network was a stepping stone in my career, and it taught me so much. So, this is it.


Signing off, for the very last time,


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